Toxin-Free Master Guide

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Are you ready to finally check these off your list?

✅ Detoxify your home

✅ Understand food labels

✅ Pick the cleanest products for your family

✅ Learn which toxins to avoid

My Toxin-Free Master guide will help you with all of these! This 67-page guide is jam-packed with information about how to navigate toxins, good vs. bad food ingredients, healthy supplement options, and info on truly clean companies. I’ve included hundreds of product swaps, plus discount codes galore so you can start saving money on toxin-free living! I’ve done the HOURS of research so you don’t have to! 


  • Detailed list of ingredients to avoid in your personal car products and household items
  • How to prioritize product swaps
  • Extensive lists organized by category and product type for hundreds of clean products with clickable links (including lots of discount codes!) for Baby and Kids, Teen Girls & Women, Teen Boys & Men, Personal Care Products, Household Items, Furniture, Rugs
  • Ways to safely detox
  • Tips to keep your home as toxin-free as possible
  • Detailed list of ingredients to avoid in your food
  • Food sourcing resources
  • How to decode deceptive marketing on labels
  • Why organic is always better
  • The dangers of pesticides an conventional farming
  • Go-to healthy food products to buy online
  • Whole foods supplement options
  • Free health hacks

5 reviews for Toxin-Free Master Guide

  1. Karen Hegeman (verified owner)

    I’m so thrilled about Melissa’s toxin-free guide. I have been trying to live a less toxic life for a few years, but sometimes I don’t even know where to look. This guide makes it so easy. Knowing I can trust companies without having to do my own research is a Godsend. Part of my previous failure came from not knowing what to look for, but mostly from not having the time for a full investigation. Now all of that is done for me. Thanks Melissa!

  2. Katie (verified owner)

    I am so excited to dive into Melissa’s master list… it’s truly like no other… it’s well organized and full of bonus information that make it easy to switch out products in my home. I know Melissa has spent countless hours researching each company and I trust that she is only recommending the best products for me and my family to live toxin free. This is a great resource that everyone needs!!!!

  3. Megan (verified owner)

    I am very mindful of what I buy for my family, and I’ve done a lot of research so that I pick the healthiest food and products for my family. This guide is packed with all the information I need! It’s already become my go-to reference to make sure that the food and products I buy are truly toxin-free. The clickable links organized by category enable me to quickly look at the healthiest products (and will definitely be the first place I look when I need to get someone a gift!). Regardless of where you’re at in your health journey, this guide will help you feel empowered and confident in what you buy.

  4. Alexis (verified owner)

    Very excited to be using this master list as a guide and reference!! I have slowly but surely been detoxifying our home and moving towards healthier options/organic foods etc and this is GOLD. I am so excited that Melissa put this list together that makes everything so much easier! I look forward to using this more! My husband and I are expecting our first child and this master list is going to save us so much time and energy when it comes to giving our baby the very best! I LOVE this so much! 🙂

  5. Erin Ziel (verified owner)

    The toxin-free master guide contains so much information! It gives you a detailed list of nontoxic products with each page you scroll through. Not only does it have examples of different products, but it gives a list of ingredients you should watch out for and avoid. Melissa provides a detailed list of products she has researched, products she uses personally, products she endorses, AND links to everything ! There are a ton of not only healthcare products, but food products and Ingredients in food that should be avoided and food sources she uses and recommends and why. I don’t know about you, but learning about
    nontoxic products can be incredibly overwhelming ! Sometimes I don’t know where to even start and then get overwhelmed before I even get anywhere … you can tell she puts her heart and soul into ensuring people understand the effects toxic ingredients have on our health and options of living a healthier lifestyle! So thankful for her, her passion, and all of the time she took into making this so people like me have a resource that’s easy to understand from someone I trust ! Thanks, Melissa!

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